How to remove News and Interests from windows 10 taskbar

As we are used to Microsoft in each update we sneak some change, some to «little thing» without asking. In the last update of April (21H1) we have appeared a Feed of news and interests in the taskbar of Windows 10.

The idea is to have at hand, the weather forecast in your city or news of high interest such as that Rocío Flores completely away from Rocío Carrasco 😂. Just as someone may be interested in having quick access to all these topics, you can configure the channels that interest us, the source is, of the same, MSN from Microsoft itself.

Like all these additions is another burden for the system, although you have a powerful computer with a good processor and a lot of RAM everything is adding up. On the other hand for those who prefer not to have distractions or unnecessary icons in their taskbar, it is also a completely dispensable widget.

How to remove News and interests

To deactivate its display you simply have to right-click on any area of the bar and look for the entry News and interests and in the submenu that appears go to Disconnect. Right here you could also modify your display to show only the icon, the icon plus title …

In case in the future you wanted to see this information again, you would simply do the process backwards, right-click anywhere on the taskbar, and search for News and Interests and activate its display again.

How to remove News and interests

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