Tips for a secure ZOOM

In these times of confinement, the use of group videoconferencing programs has skyrocketed, including Zoom for its characteristics has grown exponentially along with its security problems. Let's give some tips to have more secure videoconferences with Zoom.

Update Zoom with the latest version.

This trick works with any program, operating system we use. Currently (end of April) the last major update takes us to version 5.x, you can check and update easily.

We mark our image in the upper right and a menu unfolds, we go down to "Check for updates". Clicking on "Help" a submenu appears and we go to "About" where we will have the version we have installed.

Zoom check update

One way to always have maximum update security is to use the web client instead of the application. This "isolates" your computer from a possible attack through the installed application.

Modify access and meeting parameters.

  • Use a strong password to enter the application.
  • Don't use your user ID to create a meeting. Better a random and password input.
  • Avoid Zoom bombing by the Trolls. How? Do not share the id's of meeting extensively in social networks, large groups of watsap etc. you are sending keys of your house to everyone.
  • Enable the waiting room,it's a little more cumbersome for you but lets you see who is accessing your meeting. Can be created
  • Disable the ability for participants to enter before you. All these settings from the meeting settings (click on your profile picture at the top right).
  • Otherwise it is absolutely necessary also disables the possibility of sharing screens to anyone other than the host. It prevents someone uninvited from sneaking in and being able to show porn for example.
  • Ideally, the meeting should be closed once it has started so that a troll can sneak in a mistake of yours. If you finally sneak in your microphone/camera, you can even go to the participant list and tap "Delete" under Security Settings, down on the meeting screen.
Zoom security tips Modify access parameters

With these simple steps we will be able to have one online chats protected for us and for our attendees. We must always look for a safe internet.

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